One Day, Day One

Normally on a tuesday morning, I’d be up and running early…MITH holds a director’s meeting every tuesday morning and I try to get up up early to get some work done before the meeting starts. But today, I woke up with a splitting headache—a combination of weather changing here in DC and the start of allergy season. So at 730 am, after trying to get rid of it for an hour, I admitted defeat and called in sick.

Three hours and some major pain relievers later, I’m down to that nagging sense of pressure rather than feeling like someone drove a spike through my head. If I can keep some food down (nice side effect of a headache: nausea), I’ll take another round of drugs and then try to get some actual work done.

This week’s to-do list is (as usual) much more than the 32 hours a week of work. I’ve also got six meetings/conference calls scheduled that never seem to make it onto the list:


  • Austin Workshop Evaluation Summaries
  • Semi Annual Performance Report
  • Closing Report Draft
  • UMD notification of change
  • IUPUI notification of change

O Say Can You See

  • data processing
  • reading for prep
  • methods draft


  • Answer cold call emails
  • book DH2014 flights

Transforming the Afro-Caribbean World

  • Basecamp setup
  • Revised Timeline
  • Pull secondary research
  • logo with kirsten
  • interview questions

Long term projects

  • Accessible Futures article (40+)
  • DH2014 paper w/ Trevor (16+ 40)

  • Post-processing
  • course wrap up
  • troubleshoot quiz

  • hotel
  • housing contract verification
  • set up WMST event
  • TARs for instructors
  • Honorarium paperwork for instructors
  • behind the scenes confirmations
  • confirm space

On a personal/work tip, I’ve also got to carve out time to finalize my course selections and syllabi for my new gig. With today’s change of schedule, that work will have to wait until Saturday.

So, sorry day of DH, not a lot of time here to post anything lovely or interesting. It will just be powering through the to-dos.


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