Day of DH in the MA DAH

As tweeted (#uccmadah, #dhie and of course #dayofdh also #fdayofdh – for obscure reasons until I was corrected), I was privileged to be part of the MA DAH Interventions symposium today. Tweets aplenty and the discussion was rich and varied. The presentations by the students tackled the big questions head on and raised no end of valuable further questions. Ranging uccmadahfrom ethics and how these apply to robots/AI to how we can fleece the irish diaspora more effectively (I jest ;-), to serious and honest reflection on what means this digital arts and humanities that we all proclaim to practice. The answers re in the tweets, but again I have to reflect that the event itself demonstrated what was the biggest emergent theme: collaboration. All attending genuinely (I cringe that I hear Mario Rosenstock doing Miriam O’Callaghan there 😉 benefited from their colleagues ‘interventions’, truly enjoyed hearing about diverse topics and also shared experiences. The symposium mirrored the widely held perception that this is what the wider DH community is all about. I would suspect that we are all left feeling gratified and satisfied (which is a comfort) but more importantly charged up with renewed fervour and passion for projects so demonstrably filled with promise. We look forward to assembling back in a few months to take stock and hear how well things have come together.

I am thoroughly tired out (and hence rather punchy 😉 from the Tweeting and engaging so fully – and that’s the feeling of true enjoyment in what we do and being included as part of a great group (and I didn’t even present). So what does the DH practitioner turn to now? A separate life in CS. Papers to mark and diaries to read. Nothing profound from me, but great work by a group conducting a valuable survey asking: ‘Does media type and format affect the propensity to pirate it?’ for CS4105.

Once that is completed it’s back to DH and a final stab at ‘Heaney at Queen’s’, the Omeka exhibit that we will release this week.