Check! Best practice guidelines for DH projects

*This is a translation of Check! Formulario de evaluacion para proyectos de humanidades digitales as part of the RedHD en traducción group project*  The checklist in itself is also an example of collaborative translation work and I am grateful to Elika Ortega and Josh Honn for their translation skills.

One of the biggest challenges for DH is the recognition of DH projects as valid and valuable scholarly output. Although there are places in the world where advanced and sophisticated DH projects exist, the vast majority are individual and modest efforts with little access to or knowledge about best DH practices.  This issue becomes particularly acute in emergent DH communities, such as Mexico, where there is little accumulated practical experience.  In previously held workshops of the RedHD we concluded that one important aspect was providing both DH creators as well as evaluators with mechanisms for recognizing and evaluating the importance and impact of DH projects.

We therefore decided to develop an online tool for the evaluation of DH project in order to promote the recognition and evaluation of DH work, consisting of a set of guidelines coupled with an online checklist that allows users to evaluate a particular resource using an interface that displays the results of the evaluation, indicating areas of weakness and of strength. The aim of this tool is threefold:
1) step-by-step evaluation tool for committees
2) a resource for developers
3)informal compliance of a minimum standard.

After several meetings we have the first version of the checklist available:

We hope it is useful!