Starting up

My day actually began many hours ago but only now have I got time to sit down and blog.  There are currently lots of things going on right now so I will mention them during the day even though I won’t be working on all of them today.

First few notes:
a) Email from somebody in Colombia to our RedHD distribution list asking for more info about DH. It never fails to amaze me how people find you and how you find people and how these sometimes fortuitous events lead to building communities .  Elika Ortega wrote about it this morning.

b) Digital Neplantero (Victor) mentioned in his entry a text by Walter Mignolo. That’s the second time I have heard about his work in relation to DH. Paola Ricaurte wrote a blog post in the RedHD blog a few weeks ago as well. My background is in Library and Information Studies so I am not too well read in this area but will definitely look into it.

c) Have agreed to participate in the Translation Group, where the idea is to translate, discuss and encounter the work of others.  Tim Thompson just posted a translation of What are the DH? which I published in 2011 as one an introductory text in Spanish when we had just started work on the RedHD.