My Day of DH: Tomorrow’s Plan

Before calling it a night, doing the final scans of Twitter (big election in Quebec tonight!), e-mail, and well, writing this Day of DH post!
Before calling it a night, doing the final scans of Twitter (big election in Quebec tonight!), e-mail, and well, writing this Day of DH post!

This eve before Day of DH 2014, I wanted to write a quick post about what tomorrow’s going to look like. This sees me taking a break from my new academic/relaxation hobby, which is to read engaging non-fiction with an eye to thinking about how my own writing can be improved. I just finished This Machine Kills Secrets, and am just about to ‘crack open’ (i.e. open the e-book) Flash Boys, which looks at Wall Street high-speed micro-transaction trading. Plus, tomorrow morning’s going to be an early, rushed one, so best to do this now!

Last year, during Day of DH 2013, I had a pretty uneventful day as far as the digital humanities went: I was serving on a search committee during an interview day, and therefore spent most of the day in meetings, a meal, and a public lecture.

This year it’s looking like it’ll be another mix of research and service. Tomorrow morning I’ll be booked up in Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo meetings.  It’s hard to believe it, but I’m going up for my third-year review this upcoming year. This is a preliminary tenure review: my file will be reviewed by the departmental tenure and promotion committee, it’ll go in front of the Dean, and *knock on wood* I’ll get a detailed letter outlining how my progress towards tenure is going. So tomorrow sees me attending a workshop specifically dedicated to people in my shoes (going up for probationary renewal), and then I will probably stick around for a biannual Faculty Association meeting.

Then in the afternoon, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be reviewing my index for my book which goes in this week. That’s wrapping up a project that I’ve been working on, in bits and pieces, for over five years. It has me feeling a bit sad, to be honest.

The ever-present Scrivener counter. I overachieved today, but don't worry - I'll underachieve tomorrow.
The ever-present Scrivener counter. I overachieved today (and to be completely honest, ~ 2,000 of those were words incorporated from other documents, so it’s more like a ~1,500 word day), but don’t worry – I’ll underachieve tomorrow.

It’s a bit of a break from my usual days, which of late have involved spending at least two or three hours every morning writing. My life is dominated by the Scrivener word target counter, and I’m trying to crank out 1,000 words a day. I’m not always successful, and 1,000 may be overly optimistic, but the goal is to build up a big stable of writing on my current work that can be (a) drawn upon for blog posts or articles; and (b) eventually form the spine of a manuscript. I’m wary to talk too much about the details at this early stage, but needless to say it involves a digital project I really started working on in the summer of 2011.

See you all tomorrow!