Another question on the subject of inclusion

So… I’m graduating pretty soon. (One paper to freedom, yayyyy! Or is it freedom, even?)

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ve learned as a Cultural Studies major.

One of the things I picked up just this past year is that Disability issues often get overlooked. Even the generally accepted term “dis-ability” suggests a system that oppresses those with physical impairments who might otherwise be able to perform tasks in different ways than the majority without impairments.

The question (or challenge) for Digital Humanists is, how can DH accommodate the visually impaired?


Does DH have space for oral narratives?

Hello again!

I had an idea the other day about DH being more inclusive. Why not digitize narratives from oral traditions? TEI markup could handle the same narrative from different sources!

This way, Indigenous Peoples from all over the world can contribute to the Humanities.

On the Humanities as an Umbrella term

Hello, DH community!

One thing I appreciate about the Digital Humanities is that it has the potential to make the Humanities a more inclusive field. This means including non-European non-American non-English cultural texts for future scholars to critically examine.

I came across these beautiful photos, part of a project that aims to draw attention to the Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines.

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