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Excuses for the DH of the Day

A couple of caveats are in order for this particular small piece of Day of DH:

1. As a North American left-coaster, I pretty much always feel late to any international party. So as I was first looking at the Day of DH site this morning, people were already signing off for the day!

2. As a library and digital humanities bureaucrat (a badge I wear proudly!), much of every day is taken up by committee meetings, meetings with staff, forms and reports to be filled out and written, and so forth. What can one write about meetings, except that I really like all the people I work (and thus meet) with? Is this DH? Yes, I suppose it is.

In addition to the usual slate of meetings, I do also have a few cool honest-to-Busa DH activities planned for today, though:

A. One of my virtual meetings (double-booked with another in-person one, of course) is with fellow board members of the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH). These are outstanding people, and it’s a pleasure to be counted among them.

B. I’m proudly participating as a translator in the Latin American RedHD Day of DH Group blog. RedHD is the Mexico-based digital humanities organization with a worldwide Spanish-speaking membership. The purpose of this Day of DH blog is to present a few pieces of original Spanish-language DH writing translated into English (and other languages) for the benefit of both communities. You who don’t read Spanish will want to visit this particular collection frequently, not just today!

(At the moment, I’m behind in my own translation, but will link to it once it’s done.)

This effort is the brainchild and organizational work of √Člika Ortega, a DH colleague of many years, and a post-doc at Western U., in Ontario. A huge public thanks is due to √Člika for this!