New Generations

My manager told me today that her eight year old daughter wants to learn coding, and be able to create video games- how incredible is that? I had no idea what coding, html, or DH was when I was eight, or even eighteen. It’s incredible how times have changed and things like this are so accessible to everyone. I hope to be able to help her learn some new things, which will probably help me expand and enrich what I know so far.

Ta for now


Sunny Days!

What a wonderful day so far! Stuck to my usual morning routine of yoga and coffee but added a little exploration of past DH bloggers in there to help me get into the groove of blogging. Since this world is still so new to me still I love seeing pictures and hearing about little struggles people have to help me with future endeavours. Also it’s just interesting to read about what other projects are going on all around the world.

That’s all for now, hopefully the day will bring on more excitement!


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