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Is there something like Digital Humanities? Were they the same in these last ten years? Are they the same in every country of our Planet Earth?

I’m from Argentina, a big country  in South America but I’m a medievalist. I left my country in 2005 to start a PhD scholarship in Spain. In those times I didn’t have wifi at home in Buenos Aires, I had one big PC, and I had never heard the word Digital Humanities.

I didn’t realize it until 2011 but I had been working in something called by the New Technologies for some time till then: collaboration in research projects involving databases, web pages…All of a sudden some people in Spain said THOSE weren’t New Technologies (wait, were they new?), they were Digital Humanities.

I came back from Spain to my country last year. I’m now working as a researcher at CONICET, even though I still work hard with many of my spanish colleagues, like Elena González-Blanco García. Digital Humanities in 2014 seem to be now something very much different from what they were in 2005, and something much different of what they were in Spain. I have started some projects involving Digital Humanities in Argentina.

It’s weird. I’m talking about Digital Humanities and writing (or, at leat, trying to) in English. Should I?

On the questions about the history, the language and the geography of Digital Humanities I would liketo reflect on this DayofDh 2014. I wish I may have some time, this Tuestaday 8th, to write some posts (as a kind of personal diary) and meet my own experiences here and shere them with you.

Meet you here.




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