And so #DayofDH in Ireland is coming to a close.  It was my second #DayofDH and it’s been great to connect with and see what the DH community in Ireland (and beyond) is up to.

Although there was so much going on during the day, some highlights for me were (in no particular order):

  • Keeping track of the UCC #DayofDH Interventions symposium – I started to feel homesick reading all the exciting posts and tweets from my home university where I did my undergrad and MA in Applied Linguistics (all those years ago!).
  • Karolina’s photo-filled posts (this is Karolina we are talking about – how could her posts be anything other than photo-filled?)
  • Caroline’s bedtime story about the Monuments Men – a must read for any time of the day.
  • Shawn’s reply to my post about trying to come up with an idea for a project.  It has definitely given me food for thought!
  • Frances Mulraney’s bilingual post about her DH day job with Dúchas.ie.
  • Seeing that the ‘DH in Ireland’ group remained the most popular on the site all day finishing up with 30 members. (At 23.48 Irish time, ‘DH in the Curriculum’ is a close second with 29 members – not that it’s a competition!)

That’s it for me for #DayofDH 2014.