Day of DH Postscript

At the end of the day, when Father Busa separates the computational sheep from the close-reading goats, and you’re asked, “What did you do on Day of DH 2014” you can be assured that yours will not be the most scattered and slippery answer. That, dear reader, belongs to me. What did I do on Day of DH 2014? I can hardly remember.

What I do recall are but mere images. Working with Karl Grossner to count artifacts for a chloropleth map of Çatalhöyük… Meeting with business services to better understand how bad I am at administrative duties… Posting some tweets… Discussing papers… Trying to convince Glen Worthey that my “Franco Moretti is not a statistician joke” is a really good one… Getting rid of commas in years on a slider… Posting a gist on Github… Agile training?

The one thing that I know I did was read proposals by Stanford scholars for digital humanities project support. So many good proposals, all of which are in areas that will require even more interloping than that demanded by business services. And even more disheartening reading, this time of all the super-efficient, highly effective habits of better digital humanists than I, who tweeted status reports from their palatial offices and seemed to each have accomplished more DH in a day than I’ve gotten done all year.

Fortunately, I have six more hours before midnight to do something really cool… that I’ll probably spend filling out forms.