Today’s Telephone Conference

Celia (Darmstadt): On nearly every Tuesday our project members in Trier, Darmstadt and Karlsruhe use to meet in a telephone conference (telco) via Skype. Every time it gives us a fresh look on news and proceedings of each working package. By lucky accident, our conference coincided with this year’s Day of DH. Today it was my turn to be the chair of the telco and we had a special guest, Jochen Graf from Cologne, who answered some questions about the annotation of images.


I take this opportunity, to express a few thoughts on computer aided collaboration. Regular virtual collaboration via email, telephony software or web conference services is something I got to know as recently as I started to work for DH projects. For many of us, it is a kind of daily experience we got used to during the years. Without services like Skype or DFNVC many tasks in our routine work could hardly be managed. Especially in the global world of Digital Humanities, where completely diverse disciplines and communities get connected in transnational dimensions, digital teamwork has become an integral part. How much times have changed since the days of low speed dial-up internet!