Day of DH–18 hours later

I had the luxury of only teaching one class today, which gave me time to blog, to read blogs, to do some grading, and to do some work on my current project, Anthony Woodville.

Life intervened in the midst of that work–picking up kids, picking up dinner, taking a child for a sports physical, cleaning up after senior dogs, taking dogs for a walk on one of the warmest days we’ve seen in the midwest for months.

I am inspired by Michelle Moravec’s idea of writing in public and have been blogging my somewhat scary experience of going back to my first big research project after completing my dissertation 9 years ago–a dissertation that was begun before all research started online.  It’s tough to admit what I don’t know and to show the messy process that is the start of any project.  It’s like letting your friends come to visit after a busy week without first cleaning the house (maybe worse)!

Today I took another step in that journey, which is not yet a digital history project, but is a project using digital tools, by going very analog and transcribing Anthony’s prologue to the Dictes and Sayings and linking it as a Google Doc on my project blog.

Now to see if anyone sees it, if anyone comments, and what comments they make.

And to end my first Day of DH.  I look forward to my second Day of DH and looking back to see where I’ve travelled.