Return of the “weblog:” my Day of DH journal

So for today’s exercise in social media, I will be writing up my Day of DH activities in the style of a web log – or daily journal. I am aiming for transparency, and am thinking about the style of ProfHacker and other academic sites that offer not just advice about disciplinary work and professionalization, but also ways to manage your everyday life.  Please forgive the insignificant details, but FWIW this really is how I spend my days.

Today’s morning consisted of coffee, Kashi Go-Lean Crunch with a pear, and lots of water. As always, I immediately check my email (I have all of my accounts forwarded to gmail, and sorted) and answer those that are pressing first. This grey day I awoke to find Micki Kaufman confirming our meeting to discuss strategies to clean up my dissertation data on Thursday, and a reminder from Eventbrite that our CUNY DHI event featuring Lauren Klein (an alumni of my program) is coming up. This reminder prompts me to add emailing and posting reminders to my to-do list.

Next, I set up for a virtual meeting with a graduate student, Sundus from the University of South Florida. Sundus has a few questions about my collaborative project the Writing Studies Tree. She is attempting to add in all of the students who have worked under her adviser Joe Moxley from a list he provided. We set up a Google Hangout yesterday (invited through GCal), and I GChat her telling her I am ready, but a very loud car alarm is going off outside my window (#fail). Once the noise stops, we join the call and use the screen share function to go through her process step-by-step. The result is that the “this took place at” function of the site is broken. I investigate from my end to make sure it isn’t a browser issue, but decide this won’t be an easy fix and proceed to give Sundas a simple alternative. You can add locations for any node in the tree by creating a “studied at” or “worked at” relationship. This solves her problem, and Joe shows up in the background to say hello. I thank him for including our project in UnCommon News. Since he posted, we have had about 50 new visitors to the site!

Profile View (from CW 2013 presentation)

Now, I will take notes on this meeting and email my team to troubleshoot this issue. Plus, this walk though was conveniently a good test run for my next project: creating video tutorials for the WST.