Phase Two

After my Google Hangout troubleshooting session, I made a plan of attack for my video tutorials in a shared Google Doc called “WST to-do list” which my team has been updating since 2011/12.  The Writing Studies Tree is a project founded by a class of graduate students and run primarily by two doctoral students (Ben  Miller and myself) and a new assistant professor (Jill Belli, who was a grad student when she started the project). Since this is not either of our dissertation projects, and we do not get paid in any way for our work on the WST, things move slowly. We are constantly writing grants, applying for conferences, and squeezing in meetings to ensure the project stays alive. This is why I am making these screen casts today when it has been on our to-do list for almost a year.

However hard it is to maintain, this project has taught me more about DH than all of my other work combined. I have designed an orals list around DH, taken coursework that focused on DH or included work on new media and/or digital pedagogy, I work on a open access journal, and co-organize CUNY DHI...but building and managing the Writing Studies Tree puts everything I have learned into action and demands I constantly learn new skills.

I must take this opportunity to thank Jen Gulliano for their project management course at (what was then called) DHWI. And a special thank you to Steve Brier for supporting my work on the WST through my Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate independent study.

<Yoga Break>

Working out is very important in my life. It keeps me focused and happy. This month I am working Garden State Yoga’s 20 in 30 challenge into my routine. Today was my 7th Power Yoga class since April 1st. And for this challenge, stickers are our sparkleponies :o)


<Lunch Break>

I love to cook, and I love Pinterest. Mexican slaw recipe for those who share these obsessions.