Digital Play I

Over at The Recipes Project, we get a lot of spam. A lot. One of the editor’s duties, of course, is to empty out the spam folder regularly. Now, this can be a tedious activity–but I often find myself getting distracted by the poetic nature of some of the spam.  (I know I’m not the only one, right @Marguerite_HBC?)

Sometimes I even save the posts and play at making found poetry. Here is an early morning attempt for you.


I am silent as a mountain

the most sincere heart.


and exile.

But I remember

the whiff of the light.


Here is the original gibberish, in case you’re curious,…

I am silent as a mountain, Love and exile. Just want to gently louboutin femme ask you one thing, In fact,louboutin femme, to find a good man. ask him out. nike tn

the most sincere heart, is your beauty, you said,nike tn, the whiff of combing the light lines,hogan uomo, his face is white,louboutin paris, but I remembe hogan uomo r

I used the word “original” cautiously. The originality of most spam is questionable, as it seems to be  cobbled together from news stories, blog posts, and more.