Buona sera!

Am I wrapping up my Day of DH? Not really! My to-do list is looking smaller, but I still have a few things to check off before I call it a day. First on the list?

  • I’m prepping for a guest lecture on the figure of Ulysses in Dante at the Yale Divinity School next week (thank you MVP at UVic, for Joyce’s Ithaca episode which I am using as my intro)
  • I’m putting the final touches on the Digital Humanities Working Group‘s environmental scan of DH projects at Yale. I’m lucky to have @triplingual, @nolauren and @pleonard contributing both copyediting and DH expertise!
  • Finally, I am delighted to see  a google doc fill with urls of student entries for our film contest. The deadline is tonight and our Italian film festival starts Thursday evening.
  • Oh, and I still have AptanaStudio running in the hopes that I will feel sufficiently motivated to return to a frustrating Ruby session (#notgonnahappen)  and some pizza dough rising because, you know, pizza.

Maybe I should call it a day :)