Gotta start someplace

And for my first act, a blogging.

This year marks my first foray into the DH realm.  I’m taking a class on DH which meets later today.  As part of a project for that class, I started a blog and a Facebook page to discuss medieval and early modern medicine with enthusiasts from the Society for Creative Anachronism.  Academically, an experiment in public engagement and crowdsourcing.  IRL, a fun place for me to meet and talk with people outside the Ivory Tower who like the stuff I like.  Not everyone in my discipline thinks history of medicine is cool.

Last night I made my weekly post for the class blog.  Now I’m trying to manage the blog post-to-twitter-to-facebook path so the Facebookers can see how their comments were discussed in my class blog.   Should be simple, but mysteriously isn’t working.   Zen and the Art of Internet Discussion…

Just another Day of DH 2014 site

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