My Future Endeavors

Coming fresh out of my first DH class, I plan to use my new found knowledge and skills and apply them towards my own field. I am not a student who is actively working towards being recognized as a Digital Humanist, and the only day I am doing so is coming to a close in an hour.

I will take the digital tools and ability to represent and visualize forward, aimed towards my future work. I think of myself as more of a creator rather than someone who reviews, but the power to visualize and understand texts from a macro level is something that is sure to be handy in future research in English. Maybe next year I will be able to surprise a professor by using Google Fusion Tables to represent the journey of a fictional character on a map in the middle of a research paper. The skills of a Digital Humanist are so valuable academically, I would be hard pressed not to think back and use the skills acquired during my time spent as a Digital Humanist student.