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Day of DH Goals?

I’m excited to participate in Day of DH 2014. This will be my second year of participation, and I’m wondering what kind of impact this event will have – personally as well as in the broader DH world and the humanities more generally.

Personally, I found it helpful to begin crafting a definition of DH, which I’ve expanded and continued refining this past year. Reflection on my own experience and involvement in digital humanities projects was useful as well, but I feel that there must be more to this.

As we prepare for the big Day over the next month, I would like to ruminate on what I’ve learned this past year and consider what I would like to learn in the coming year, float some project ideas, and ponder opportunities for growth in digital history and digital art history.

What are the desired outcomes for these musings?

I hope that this platform does more than prompt navel gazing and instead yields a productive conversation about where we’ve been, where we are, and where we might go in the future.

What do we hope to gain? to contribute? to change? to inspire?