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A morning of blogging…

Not a bad way to start the morning — blogging an article on how faculty spend their time, and catching up on the history of Uru Live, a game with a complicated genealogy, which I played for a few weeks in its post-commercial, open-source incarnation.

I usually teach a 4/4 load, but this past J-Term I did a quarter of my teaching in the form of an intensive online course (Digital Storytelling) that started Dec 18, paused over Christmas, then picked up in early January.

While my “break” was very intense with prepping online instruction and debugging and evaluating student submissions, it was wonderful to be a full-time digital humanist for about a month. A related benefit is that my teaching load is a one course lighter during the regular semester, so I am taking time for personal and volunteer projects (including doing the social media advertising for a local theatre company and the audio and video editing for a TV commercial advertising a musical that my wife and I will be in this weekend).

My day will feature a work session for the student news publications (a broadsheet, a magazine, and a website, The Setonian Online), and a meeting of the Faculty Senate, for which I’ll need to prep as I’m on a subcommittee that’s presenting a revision/reorganization of the program review guidelines.


Hello world!

Welcome to Day of DH 2014. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


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