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My day so far….

As a post-secondary student, life has been very stressful and jam packed for the last couple of weeks. As yesterday was my last day of classes for the year, a great relief has washed over me. Today is my first full day off since before Christmas and I therefore plan on having a relaxing day and meeting up with some friends and fellow students. My first few hours of Day of DH were just as packed with last minute additions to essays and school work that required handing in. At about 2 this morning, I finally was able to go to sleep and had a peaceful and restful 9 hrs of sleep. I think that that might be the most in quite a long time. Waking up at 11 did kind of through me off a bit, but after eating breakfast and doing some minor house cleaning. I am about to make my way out into the world and go meet up with some fellow students and friends.

I will update later on progression of my day a little later,