Enhanced Digital Book

This spring Cambridge University Press will publish my enhanced digital book, Socratic and Platonic Political Philosophy: Practicing a Politics of Reading.

The book argues that Platonic writing itself cultivates in readers specific habits of thinking and creative habits of responding that are able to integrate a concern for the erotic ideals–of justice, beauty and the good–into the relationships we have with one another. Platonic political writing is shown to require a peculiar politics of reading in which the community of readers is called to consider how a commitment to speaking the truth and acting toward justice can, in fact, enrich our lives together.

If, however, the book is not to be a mere abstract academic exercise, it will need to be published in a way that performs and enables the politics of collaborative reading for which it argues.

The enhanced digital book will enable readers to annotate and comment publicly on the book so that I will be able to respond and engage with readers in an ongoing discussion of the ideas articulated in the book itself. In publishing this enhanced digital book, I am attempting to perform the argument of the book itself: that reading is itself a political activity capable of cultivating community.

I have, of course, been blogging the process by which this book is evolving: