Reflections on English 355

What did I learn this semester? Funnily enough, I actually did learn something. I’ve found in my three + years of university that more often than not, I walk out of every class thinking: What just happened in there? In Dr. Constance Crompton’s ENGL 355 class however, I learned how to make a website. This is something that I can actually put on a resume…


-website design

How great is that? I now know what CSS is, and how it translates into a functional and aesthetically pleasing website for personal or business use. I could make one to promote myself, or a company that I could work for. Real life skills. There needs to be a lot more of that being taught in university. I also know what TEI is and how it can take a physical hard copy of a novel and turn it in to a digitized manifestation of that novel on a computer so that people anywhere with internet can see it. Not only can they read the text itself, but learn about the text through the information in the TEI, like when it was published, or how many speeches a specific character has throughout it, or where the author of the book was born. Before ENGL 355, I had no knowledge of TEI’s existence.