My digital world

This last week my digital world has consisted of Microsoft Word, Google Scholar, and As an English major (for only 1 semester), I had 4 term papers due within a week of each other. Needless to say I did not sleep much. I have always used Word to type anything and everything, as if it is the only word processor in existence. Probably because I don’t know of the existence of any others… perhaps now that I am a digital humanist (a loose definition of one I would say) I should step out of my small and limited digital box and try using another processor for my papers. Any suggestions? Now Google Scholar is great for finding academic articles for citing in papers. I use Academic Search Complete quite often through the UBC library but I find the results to be limited, so much so that I cannot reach my required amount of articles for my papers. Whenever I use Google Scholar though, I seem to find all the articles that appeared when I searched the same word or phrase in Academic Search Complete, but I find many more on top of those. Reaching the required scholarly articles = a happy me!