The Last Week of Classes

Hello Humans,

As any university student will know, enduring the last week of classes is like magnificent torture. On one hand you know that it will all be over soon, but it’s so hard to appreciate the light at the end of the tunnel because you have to go through such hell to get there. This semester, I have two 10-12 page papers, one 2250 word essay, an essay written entirely in Spanish, and a TEI encoded chapter of a novel (Lady Audley’s Secret) to put online for the class after which this site is titled (ENGL 355) – all to be due between today and Monday. This class has brought enabled my first experiences with learning html coding as well as TEI markup. We were assigned for our final project to take a chapter from a novel and use at least four TEI elements (one with an attribute and a value) so that we could make, as a class, an online edition of the novel. I would like to use this blog to shout out my appreciation to 1. Project Gutenburg, for giving us a plain text online version of Lady Audley’s Secret so that my fingers did not have to bleed from hand-typing the entire chapter letter by letter, and 2. TEI website and their amazing appendix (which can be found here:¬† ) that lists the elements available in any TEI document and their possible attributes and values. While encoding, the TEI website was completely necessary for me to be able to create a well-formed document available for my project! Our online edition can be seen here:

Check it out! My personal chapter is called “The Bearer of Tidings” and I also took part in creating the map that goes along with the novel.