Geospatial Mapping

For over an hour, a group of us has been discussing geospatial mapping, with special interests in open source software for research and pedagogy. It’s been a great, productive conversation and sharing session. Hopefully this is the start to much more collaborative opportunities!

Anyone interested in playing more with maps, feel free to drop by the University of Connecticut MAGIC library. Also, for the UConn community, Kate Johnson is happy to work with people, so email her katharine.johnson [at]

Some of our interests include mapping:
Documents and events from late medieval Dublin
Maritime history
Imaginary places/landscapes in medieval French literary texts
Historic New England
Archaeological data
Medieval manuscripts
Urban greenery across US cities
Analysis of emergency care in US cities

Some links follow! (Many of these links I’ve compiled over the past year as examples of things I’m interested in, some older, some newer.)

My mapping for the Judith project

Lots of information and data at the University of Connecticut MAGIC site

One of my favorites: DMMmaps

Mapping the Netherlands

DH Forum for open source GIS tools

Some software listed at The Institute for Mapping Technology

GeoServer is an open source software server written in Java that allows users to share and edit geospatial data

Open Layers: Free Maps for the Web


David Rumsey Map Collection

Commercial Software
ArcGIS Story Maps

Mapping Project Examples
Mapping the Jewish Communities of the Byzantine Empire

Histomap: 4000 Years of History

Vilnius Ghetto Project

Infinite Atlas

Railroads and the Making of Modern America

A Literary Map of Manhattan

Wallace, Europe: A Literary History

Mapping Gothic France

Various Examples of Maps Projects

esri Story Maps