Did you participate in Day of DH 2013?  Do you want to participate in Day of DH 2014 but don’t want to create a brand new account?  You are in luck!  Given that Day of DH 2013 was also hosted by MATRIX: The Center for Digital Humanities & Social Sciences, we were able to transfer over all Day of DH 2013 accounts to the Day of DH 2014 site.  So, you’ll be able to use the exact same login/password to access the Day of DH 2014 website.  There are some caveats:

  • You’ll need to manually create your Day of DH 2014 site (a process that normally happens automatically when you sign up for a Day of DH account).  Don’t worry, this is super easy, just login and go to http://dayofdh2014.matrix.msu.edu/blogs/create/.  Here you’ll be able to create your own Day of DH 2014 website.
  • Unfortunately, the account transfer process doesn’t bring along all of your info.  While your login, password, and first name/last name are transferred, your bio, affiliation, and personal definition of DH (all of which are aggregated here).  This means you’ll need to login, visit your profile page, and enter that content.

We don’t forsee any problems with the transfer process.  However, if you have any difficulties, hit us up with a question at the Day of DH 2014 Help & Conversations discussion form.  If you are having issues with the help forum, you can always get in touch with us via our handy dandy contact form.

HH-65C Dolphin image courtesy of Flickr user Henry_Lo