Different flavors of DH today

I was up late last night working on an abstract (due this afternoon) for a term paper in a literature and media theory course. The class revolves around the juxtaposition of media theory to literary studies; the class will end with discussion on digital humanities at the intersection of intermedial exchange between literature and information theory and computing technology, with Stephen Ramsay’s Reading Machines as our point of departure.  My first stab is to suggest the digital humanities, or more specifically, distant reading and text analysis, as a form of post-hermeneutical criticism, à la David Wellberry in his foreword to Kittler’s Discourse Networks. We’ll see how it goes…

Anyway, my other plans for today include: doing scholarly digital conversion work on the ACLS Humanities E-Book Project as part of my work at Michigan Publishing; co-hosting a brown bag chat with my student group at the University of Michigan School of Information, the Digital Humanities Collective, and attending the aforementioned media theory class (and presenting on Robert Musil + Claude Shannon’s information theory).

I’m hoping to write a separate post today about my research this semester, which is exploring the collaborative nature of digital scholarship and digital humanities research, and the collaborative relationships between faculty, scholars, and librarians. I also hope to document the conversation we have today at the DHC’s brownbag: we usually get an interesting mix of grad students, staff, and librarians at our events, and we are hosting in the library for the first time, so I’m expecting even more variety in the usual suspects.

Day of DH 2014

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